Map Beta Ready + Rename

Preparing the beta files now ready for a sunday release.  Have also renamed the map from Volkhovsky to DieBresche because the map ended up nothing like a forest map.

DieBresche will be tested first on the TOGA main server and will then be released to other server admins If I am happy that the map is playing correctly with no gremlins like other level designers have experienced recently in online play.


Objectives and Spawns setup

Quick update – I finally have hooked up the kismet to do the objective and spawn point system.  It seems to work ok (offline) from the Allies (attackers) point of view.

Have a few things to tidy up before putting a new test version on server this week to try out the axis spawns with other players.

If that works ok, it will be a case of adding bot support and preparing a release for this weekend.  Although other mappers are having problems with spawn point cameras and servers crashing since the last patch!

Some more updated screenshots

While still struggling with getting kismet to play ball with my objectives, I have been doing a bit more work on some of the landscape and objectives.

Some screen shots are below.  The more I add stuff to the latter part of the map, the more I want to go back and redo the earlier parts!!

Looking south up the valley to east

Inside Objective 5


Looking down on what will be objective 5

Looking back to east objective from Axis side

Looking down and to the east from valley top



Terrain textures reworked and objectives

Well I have just had 3 days off work and have spent no less than 30 hours on this map during that time “off”.

Completely reworked the terrain textures and some of the lighting and flushed out a low detail version of the last 2 objective points.  Also just dabbled with Kismet for the first time.  It will take some getting used to, but of course we have stock maps kismet to reference as well as some of the other custom maps being produced right now.

I am still not very happy with the last objective as I haven’t got much room left for the Axis final spawn points, so that may require some more thought.

First objective in place - The South Woods


RO2 Map – Volkhovsky Forest (WiP)

I recently dusted off the Unreal Editor (RO2 SDK) with the thought of creating a map or two as mod supported pc games like RO2 thrive on community released mods and maps.

It’s been quite a while (4 years even) since I last made any maps, and those maps were for UT2004.   Creating a map for an objective based game type is offering up many new challenges, but it’s all good and I am very much enjoying working on my first map Volkhovsky Forest (though that name will change).

Here are some early screen shots of my “progress”:

Objective 1 - The Southern Woods

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