New bridge into South Woods

I was still really unhappy with the first objective which was just a small open woods which I felt would be too hard to attack as the allies had little cover to approach, so I have added a perimeter wall with lots of gaps and ways over, and also added small bridge into it from the west flank.

Bridge into woods from west flank



Overhead Map done

Just done my first attempt at an overhead map, but I need to test it to make sure the hud places me and objectives in correct location when in-game, but it’s not a bad first effort!

First attempt at an overhead map

And here is a shot of it in-game on the commander hud – the map does appear to line up perfectly so you are where you appear to be…phew!

In-game overhead map on commander menu


And now with the grid overlayed for artillery co-ordinates


Village Church

Village Church

Newly added church in the East Village 1 objective. The village has been expanded significantly to give the feel of a much larger map.

Have spent much of the last few days doing all the mantle markers for fences, walls, and trenches.  Map is finally starting to come together, but I still need to finish the final objective area.

I feel I am on the home stretch with the map, but I could easily spend at least another 4 solid weeks polishing it up!!

Some more updated screenshots

While still struggling with getting kismet to play ball with my objectives, I have been doing a bit more work on some of the landscape and objectives.

Some screen shots are below.  The more I add stuff to the latter part of the map, the more I want to go back and redo the earlier parts!!

Looking south up the valley to east

Inside Objective 5


Looking down on what will be objective 5

Looking back to east objective from Axis side

Looking down and to the east from valley top



New Gaming Rig Built

Map development delayed the last couple of days as Ive been putting together my new rig 🙂

Asus P8Z68-V Pro/Gen3 Motherboard
Intel i7-2600K@3.4GHz
Corsair H60 Water Cooling
Corsair Dominator 16GB RAM
Corsair HX1050 Modular PSU
Corsair Force3 120GB SSD
WD Cavier Blue 500GB HDD

New Hazro 27″ Screen arriving monday!

Now back to the mapping once ive installed all the new systems drivers.

Terrain textures reworked and objectives

Well I have just had 3 days off work and have spent no less than 30 hours on this map during that time “off”.

Completely reworked the terrain textures and some of the lighting and flushed out a low detail version of the last 2 objective points.  Also just dabbled with Kismet for the first time.  It will take some getting used to, but of course we have stock maps kismet to reference as well as some of the other custom maps being produced right now.

I am still not very happy with the last objective as I haven’t got much room left for the Axis final spawn points, so that may require some more thought.

First objective in place - The South Woods