My UT2004

Below are some screen shots of some maps I made for Unreal Tournament 2004.  These maps were made specifically for the FreezeTag game type and were found on most, if not all UT2004 FreezeTag servers.  (LOTG indicates Land of The Giant style maps where everything is supersized)

I never was someone to come up with a story for each level like so many designers do.  I tend to just come up with an idea, plan it on paper, look for reference material and source textures, then get on with it.  Perhaps that’s where I sometimes went wrong!? Hmmm….

 Train Yard (LOTG)
This map was created as part of a competition being held within the UT2004 FreezeTag clan I was an admin of at the time.  All maps submitted has to be just 2mb of below in filesize!  The map was completed on time and subsequently won first prize 🙂

Might Meaty (LOTG)
This was the first map I ever created and was set in a butchers back room/store.  I guess he must have had a think for Pepsi Cola!

Tombs of Raul
This map, although looking nice, was to be honest a complete disaster.  I broke my main rule of level design by not planning it.  “If you fail to plan you plan to fail“.  Lots of people enjoyed the map, but you could see when playing that it had a distinct lack of thought in layout and is was very easy to get lost.  Woeful….

This was an attempt at an Egyptian themed map.  The underground chambers had been uncovered following an excavation dig.  The map was inspired but a small 1-on-1 map designed by Hazel Whorley who allowed me to use some of her textures and static meshes.  Thank you Hazel 🙂

CartouchXL (LOTG)
A request from a number of players on our FreezeTag server lead me to recreate one of the small lower chambers as a LOTG style room which produced bags of fun!

Temple of Doom
An Aztec “temple” styled map inspired by one of the stock UT2004 Maps (name slips my memory right now).  I think this was one of the most played maps on the server 🙂

A dark forest and swamp surrounded by high cliffs on all sides.


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