HUD Indicators

HUD indicators for frozen team mates added (by arrow 1).  If the frozen player is out-of-sight or behind a wall, the indicators opacity will reduce so it’s less invasive on the screen (below arrow 2).  May also add distance to target below the indicator to help the player.

These HUD indicators will appear depending on which HINT value you have set in your options (currently only a beta option).

Frozen Team Mate HUD Indicators



Village Church

Village Church

Newly added church in the East Village 1 objective. The village has been expanded significantly to give the feel of a much larger map.

Have spent much of the last few days doing all the mantle markers for fences, walls, and trenches.  Map is finally starting to come together, but I still need to finish the final objective area.

I feel I am on the home stretch with the map, but I could easily spend at least another 4 solid weeks polishing it up!!