About LG

Programmer by day, online gamer by night – and now that  I have finally dusted of the old UnrealED, I am back attempting to create a Territory level for Red Orchestra 2.

I made a bunch of levels for UT2004 but nothing since around 2008/9.  Spent more time learning UnrealScript to create a FreezeTag mod for Unreal Tournament 3, but then switched to just playing and ended up getting sucked into the land of Call of Duty.

During my time playing FreezeTag, I co-founded a UT based clan called Elite Sniper Corps with an online friend called Lager.  After two years there, I moved on to setup a new clan called The Old Gits Army to play other games that ESC did not support, and that is where I am to this day, though a return to ESC is never out of the question as they still play FreezeTag.

A stint in Battlefield Bad Company 2 and BF3 followed that, but I am now playing RO2, though very, very badly.  It’s a good game that is a challenge to play.  Mainly because my internet connection is so slow, all the good weapons have been taken by the time I get into game 😦

More to follow…


4 responses to “About LG

  1. Hi lord gleedo, I got a hhd crash and Im picking all 123 lost maps amongs there is one made by you called dm-temple of doom, and I cant find any download links, please, may yo give me some link to download at? its a ut2004 map and I liked a lot to play with my few friends lol


    • Hello Nachito, i will see if I can find a backup somewhere or get it from my old UT FreezeTag clan. If I can get it, I will send reply here with a link to download it. Nice to see people are still playing these maps 🙂

  2. Hi! Many thanks to you buddy You saved my dy lol still im contacting with many mappers to get all 122 lost maps lol

    by tha way …im surprised you said that the another map called tomb of raul or so ( for me is a very very nice and well desingned map visually speaking, but if failed. You can improve the map if do you want logically none can force you to do nothing lol, by placing 2 or 3 sniper baseweapon (not ammo) to get rid that lonely feeling or perphards you can edit the map and place normal weapon …maybe is a bit disconnected maybe shortening some hidden corridor paths o or placing some teleport to zone x to another may reduce that disconnection you talk of

    This map is in my another hdd, I love you artistic treatment of the epic stock textures.

    Finishing, how can I contact you? there’s not any readme to show credit, I need you to explain a secret project for ut series firstly to asking permission to you, I cant talk here cos it’s enought soon to speak right now ( its still secret at this time ). You can see my profile and get my email for that.


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