HUD Indicators

HUD indicators for frozen team mates added (by arrow 1).  If the frozen player is out-of-sight or behind a wall, the indicators opacity will reduce so it’s less invasive on the screen (below arrow 2).  May also add distance to target below the indicator to help the player.

These HUD indicators will appear depending on which HINT value you have set in your options (currently only a beta option).

Frozen Team Mate HUD Indicators



RO2 Game Mode : Freeze Tag (WIP)

Been busy working on a game mode for Red Orchestra 2 – FreezeTag is my favourite game mode of any game which is why I am writing it for RO2.

I don’t expect many people to play it when it’s ready for testing as RO2 is a realism based game, but it’s for those who want a bit of different fun action for this game.

A single frozen german player shamefully team killed by me


A row of frozen germans (again team killed by me)


HUD showing the delayed thawed messages


A partially thawed team mate


Modified overhead map with snow flakes positioned for frozen team mates

Still have quite a bit to do, but it’s playable to a certain extent.

Line of Sight thawing – code already written, just need to hook it up to the mapped [USE]  key
Get the Iceberg mesh correctly using a darker red material for Axis, and blue for Allies to make it easy to distinguish in game
AI can still sometimes run around after being shot
Change start round text to display ‘Freeze Tag’ instead of Firefight – that seems to be ridiculously hard!
Test win conditions work properly
Test online to see if everything works as exepected
Some how get the compass to update to be like the modified overhead map (showing frozen team mates as snowflakes)