RO2 FreezeTag gametype under way

Ive been wanting to recreate my all time favourite game mode for RO2, so last night began writing FreezeTag.

Although the RO2 community is based around realism, I am sure many of the players will enjoy FreezeTag as it’s a huge amount of fun and still requires a lot of communication to win.

Basic Gameplay
For those who do not know what FreezeTag is, it’s basically a variant of TDM, but instead of killing the enemy, you shoot them to freeze them on the spot.   When you are frozen, a team mate can thaw you and get you back in game by standing next for a defined period of time (usually 5 seconds), or you can be thawed from a distance by someone looking at you through their iron sights and pressing the [USE] key (again for a number of seconds).

The RO2 version will extend the FireFight game mode because it is already round based and has much of the logic in-built, and the game mode will also run on any FireFight map.

Round Win Conditions
1 team freezes the entire opposing team before the round timer runs out.

Game Win Conditions
1 team reaches the goal score first


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