Almost ready….

Just another quick update.  It looks like the objectives and spawns are now fully setup in Kismet.

So now all I need to do is hook up the FixedMGs (as two are not spawning for some reason) and then get the boundaries appearing on the overhead map for the objectives.

Once that is done and put out a first beta.

But in the mean time I am also knocking up a Cache Extractor Tool to help people get their downloads into the correct locations:


Objectives and Spawns setup

Quick update – I finally have hooked up the kismet to do the objective and spawn point system.  It seems to work ok (offline) from the Allies (attackers) point of view.

Have a few things to tidy up before putting a new test version on server this week to try out the axis spawns with other players.

If that works ok, it will be a case of adding bot support and preparing a release for this weekend.  Although other mappers are having problems with spawn point cameras and servers crashing since the last patch!

Overhead Map done

Just done my first attempt at an overhead map, but I need to test it to make sure the hud places me and objectives in correct location when in-game, but it’s not a bad first effort!

First attempt at an overhead map

And here is a shot of it in-game on the commander hud – the map does appear to line up perfectly so you are where you appear to be…phew!

In-game overhead map on commander menu


And now with the grid overlayed for artillery co-ordinates


Village Church

Village Church

Newly added church in the East Village 1 objective. The village has been expanded significantly to give the feel of a much larger map.

Have spent much of the last few days doing all the mantle markers for fences, walls, and trenches.  Map is finally starting to come together, but I still need to finish the final objective area.

I feel I am on the home stretch with the map, but I could easily spend at least another 4 solid weeks polishing it up!!